Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Piano Recital

Kali and Sarah had their piano recital this past Monday.  We had it at the church and were able to have it in the chapel because it was a Family Home Evening.  They both did an outstanding job.  They were both super nervous, but all in all did a wonderful job.  Grandma and Grandpa Davis were able to come, and Alyssa Ellis, one of our young woman in our ward came to listen to them.  Stella of course was a ham during their performance, and enjoyed dancing and climbing under the pews.  

Kali introducing herself at her piano recital


Brett & Heather said...

Way to go girls!!1 We had a recital but haven't gotten around to posting that one yet. We miss you guys.

Rachel McEwen said...

was it just Kali and sarah? they look so old! I miss them very much