Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Coquille River Lighthouse Fieldtrip

Since Grandma and Grandpa came into town, Kali and Sarah wanted to stay home with them. Grandma once being a school teacher herself decided to take them on a field trip, so they weren't official skipping school.  Kali was the photographer and took a lot of fun pictures.  They drove down to Bandon and climbed this lighthouse, and played on the cold beach for a while.  
I added this picture because Stella thinks she is a Diva and will not take off this skirt, she wears it everywhere we go, and boy she gets everyones attention, which she loves.  
This are coast guard boats doing some fun manuevers, which the kids could see from the lighthouse.

Grandma, Sarah and Gracie.  Grandma finally got a lap dog, Kris can't believe she did it because all his life they only had big dogs, usually labs.  Gracie is a Pomerian (sp?) and a very cute, cute dog, the kids all loved her, maybe a little too much

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