Tuesday, March 31, 2009

32 weeks

Yeah I am 32 weeks, and only 55 days left.  I have been feeling really good, but still need to sneak in a nap with Stella.  My face, hands, feet and buttom are swelling, my exterior a little too much:)  We still are working on a name, but nothing definite.  

Kali's first Track Meet

Kali is running track this spring and she had her first track meet on Saturday, March 28.  She run the 60 m dash, 100m dash, and the softball throw.  She did a great job.

The girls are running so fast that I couldn't get the camera to focus:)
Softball throw
A little nervous before her first event.
Her biggest fan making a silly face

Sarah's slumber party

For Sarah's birthday party, she invited friends from school, and had a slumber party.  We played games, Kris did a scavenger hunt, and I think my ears are still ringing from hearing girls scream.

Sarah going through the spanking line

All of her friends know how much she loves stuffed animals
The slumber party gang

Day Trip

We drove down the coast of Oregon into California and visited the Redwood forest.  It was a fun day trip.  We would stop along the coast and play for a while, get back into the car and drive some more.  The coast is so beautiful, and the Redwood forest is amazing.

And yes we love all of you!
This was the top of the gondola ride(which to us was pretty scary).  We were high up while riding in the gondola, and looking down gave us a heart attack.  
The trunk of this tree was huge.
This tree has 5 individual trees growing off the branches!  Amazing
Part of a cave that the kids climbed and jumped into (the entrance was at a different location)
Cheesy pose from Kole
We just missed low tide, which means tide pools, trying to see sea-life in the not covered pools.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sarah is 9!!!!

Today is Sarah's 9th birthday.  Kris asked her this morning if she felt any different now that she was 9, and she said that she does feel a little taller!  Happy Birthday to our sweet, loving, fun, super cute, and taller Sarah!!