Saturday, September 27, 2008

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday dear Kali.....
Opening her presents
Elaina got slimed


Elaina, Kali, Ashley, and Sarah ready for bowling
Glowing at Cosmo Bowling
Kali preparing for a strike!

Friday, September 12, 2008

This Is Why........

my girls need 8 or more full hours of beauty sleep:)

Kali starts saying things she doesn't mean, and throws in a bite or two
Sarah can't focus, she starts wandering
Stella starts stressing about sleeping by herself in her bed

AHHHHHHHHHH much better

And this is why my children need their beauty sleep.

I'm sinking, kids say the funniest things, part 2

Kole came up to me the other day and said while pointing to the part between my hips and my thighs. "Mom you are sinking."
Well I don't really know what he meant by that, but I guess I will take it is a compliment, because as if to cover for what he said, he immediately said "mom you are looking skinny" and then he gives me a hug.  Nice, at least I am not bubbling, or floating?

Kids say the funniest things

Stella  threw a bowl of dry cheerios on the ground.  This is the conversation that we had

"Stella could you please get off the chair and pick up those cheerios."

"Mom, I can't I am busy."

"Oh, you're busy are you." 

"Yes I am busy."
In the mean time she climbs off the chair and is looking at the cheerios.

"Well I think you should be busy cleaning up those cheerios."

"I can't pick them up because my body hurts."

"That is interesting your body hurts?"

"Huh, huh"

"Well I still think you should pick up the cheerios."
She picks one up and looks at it.
"Mom my hands are dirty, I can't pick them up."
Stella truly is a diva, she is too good to pick up her own messes!  Not to mention using some pretty good excuses not to help.  I think she has picked up those excuses from someone in our household.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Bringin Home the Salmon

I am so glad my husband brings home the bacon and on Saturday he brought home his first Salmon:)  I prefer him bringing home the salmon to the bacon, but the electricity,  t.v., phone, computer would eventually be turned off....we had a royal feast on Saturday night, the kids really loved when he cut the head off and took the guts out.  Man this fish was tasteee, he only had to work 6 hours to get this bad boy.  And by the looks of this picture the fish didn't smell to good.  I love this man.  

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Wow! A New School Year!

I can't believe the summer has come and gone!  We had so much fun, lots of good, good memories.  Kali is in 4th gr., Sarah is in 3rd gr., and Kole is in Kindergarten.  I take pictures with all the information for the new school year that otherwise I would forget.  
Sarah's favorite memory she had of this summer, was going to the fair/grandma's house, and seeing Aunt's, uncles, and cousins in Vegas, and having family visit here.
Kali's favorite memory this summer is going camping, and seeing family.
Kole's favorite memory is eating the elephant ears at the fair, and playing with his boy cousin's
Stella loved everything this summer, and I jinxed myself by posting that she is potty trained, well she is potty trained, but she isn't #2 trained.  She did it for awhile, but one day she had an accident and since then she will not do that business on the toilet.  Very frustrating.  Anyway, she is at home with me all day long, and loves to go down to the bus stop to get the kids off the bus.  She sure does miss them.