Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Gross Spider

This was on the garage wall, so gross, it was huge!! Anyone know what type it is?

First day of school pictures.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Ketchup, Catsup and more Catching up!!

Wow, what a big post.  I have not posted anything since Kash was born.  Well I thought it was about time to catch up.  This summer we have had tons of fun.  We went to Boise to visit Kris' brother, then we headed to vegas.  We had so much fun with family and friends, but the best thing was that we got to bless Kash with my family present.  Enjoy all of the pictures. 

Handsome Kash about to be blessed
Shane, Ren, Kris, Justin, and my dad
Kris and Kash 
All my family who live in LV, except Dana and Riley,
Shane, Lacy, Rachel, Ren, Serena, and my mom and dad
Kali, Melissa, and Lisa
Jacob and Kelly
Corrie, Shelby, Joe, and Ren
Rachel, Kade, Kash, Shane, Robin, and Logan
Pump It Up
Pump it up
Kennedy and Stella
Logan and Kade
Sarah, Kole and Kobe
Robin, Rachel, and Kash
Kole and Kobe
Kole, Sarah, and Kali standing in front of the Las Vegas Temple
Trace, Sarah, Kash, Kole, Grandpa, Kali, and Stella 
Trace, Kali, Blake, and Riley
Sister's night out
Trying to catch some zzzzzzzzzz
Finally he's asleep!!
Kali, Maddie and Sarah
Kobe and Kole
Kaden, Kobe, and Kole
Riley and Blake
Bestest buds
Stella and Kennedy lived in the hot tub
The Davis Cousins
Sarah holding Kash and Landree
Stella and Landree

Stella and her pop-its
Firework fun
The big catch of the day, great job Kole!

Goofy kid
More fishing
Kole and dad fishing in Boise
I had a cracked tooth that got infected, had to get a root canal. 
Never have I been in sooooooo much pain in my life!!!
Driving to Boise for the 4th of July to visit Kris' brother
and family.
Fishing on the Illinois River
Sarah taking a lesson from Kris on how to fish.
Kali fishing the Illinois river
Being greeted by a herd of dogs
Floating the Illinois river.
Stella posing for the camera
It is tradition for the outgoing 4th graders to
ring the school bell on the last day of school. Here is Kali ringing the bell. I had
a few tears in my eyes when she did this, next year she will be at the intermediate
school, which 5th and 6th graders attend.

Kole and all of his presents.
The whole birthday crew
Kole's gourmet cake!!!
Dad was in charge of Kole's 7th B-day party, 
since it had only been a week since I had Kash!
Kali playing durning the talent show at school.
All of Tami's students
Kali playing a duet with her piano teacher, Tami.
Sarah played 3 songs for the recital
Sarah and Kole
Kole, Dallen and Sammi
Kole was the Fox in his Kindergarten production
of Gingerbread Boy.
Stella was an Mr. MHS escort for Levi Meline.  She was too cute
The theme had something to do with the USA.
Before Mr. MHS