Monday, January 26, 2009

Princess Stella's 3rd Birthday Party

Stella had a princess themed birthday party and invited 6 of her friends.  They played Frog, Frog, Prince (princess version of duck, duck, goose), pin the crown on the princess, painted fingernails, and toes, decorated a burger king crown spray painted silver, and put on makeup.  The girls had so much fun, as did we.  

Enjoying Birthday cake
Stella blowing out her candles
Birthday present from grandma and grandpa davis
Playing pin the crown on the princess
Playing Frog, Frog, Prince
Princess makeover
Callie getting makeup put on her
Stella and Mhina decorating their crowns with help from Ashley
Pretty Princess Stella waiting for her guests to arrive
Pretty, pretty princesses

Ultrasound pictures of our Baby.............................

BOY!!!!!!! We are having a little boy and we couldn't be more excited.  Kris was so nervous before the ultrasound, but so excited to add another boy.  Kole was also so excited, he told me that he would push the stroller!  The picture of the ultrasound isn't very good, the flash was in the way, but the top picture is of his gentile, and the bottom is of his face, as if you were standing above him looking down.  We haven't decided on a name yet, we have a few in mind, but nothing 100%.  We are so greatful for this little baby, and can't wait to met him.

Christmas in January

Finally posted pictures of Christmas. We had a great Christmas, Grandma and Grandpa Davis came and shared it with us.  We all got a lot of nice things. Favorite Items: Kris-Salmon Rod, Sonya- jewelry, Kali-ipod, and hamster, Sarah- ipod and hamster, Kole- Star Wars toys, Stella- dress-up trunk, and tea set.
Walking through the Christmas lights at Shore Acres
Kali getting an ipod.
Sarah discovering what is in her stocking
Stella and her stocking goodies
Kole + Star Wars=Happy, Happy Boy!