Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Kris speaks at Graduation

Kris was asked by the senior class president to speak at their graduation.  Myrtle Point High School is the school he has been a counselor at this past year.  He was happy to do it, however next year he will be moving on to Marshfield H.S. (high school in Coos Bay) to become their new PE and Health teacher, and head wrestling coach, and assistant freshmen football coach.  He really enjoyed working at Myrtle Point, but will be glad to have to drive only 5 minutes to work instead of 30.  We are officially Marshfield Pirates!!!  Go Pirates!

Kali and Sarah's new haircuts

Before Haircuts

After haircuts. 

Legos, Legos, and more Legos

For Kole's birthday he got a lot of Lego's, so here he is putting some together.  We had a lot of fun building them, at first I was a little bit overwhelmed with all of the pieces, but it actually wasn't to bad.   

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Happy 6th Birthday Kole and Happy 47th Anniversary Mom and Dad

I will now always remember when my mom and dad's anniversary is because it falls on Kole's birthday. They have been married for 47 years.  Wow!  I am so greatful to have such wonderful parents.  They love their children so much and have sacrificed so much for us. 

For this years birthdays the kids get to invite one of their friends to go out to eat. This year Kole invited Liam Webster.  We picked up Liam from school, he got to play at our house for a while, opened presents when dad got home ( which was torture for Kole, every 2 minutes he wanted to call and see where dad was) and then we went to Abby's pizza.  They were suppose to have a baseball game, but it got canceled, which we were very sad because grandma and grandpa came to watch his game.  After pizza we came home, and had cinnamon rolls.  
Kole and Liam standing in front of his presents.
Waiting again for Kris to get the video camera.
Sarah reading his card.
And finally opening presents!!
Sarah was so wiped out after a fun day.

Per Kole's request I made cinnamon rolls to bring into his classroom for his birthday treat.  
Kole and his teacher Ms. Schielfelbein
Kole and his classmates, mostly boys and 2 girls, one is named Stella as well.
Kole enjoying his cinnamon roll
For show n tell he brought in his motorized boat.

Coquille River Lighthouse Fieldtrip

Since Grandma and Grandpa came into town, Kali and Sarah wanted to stay home with them. Grandma once being a school teacher herself decided to take them on a field trip, so they weren't official skipping school.  Kali was the photographer and took a lot of fun pictures.  They drove down to Bandon and climbed this lighthouse, and played on the cold beach for a while.  
I added this picture because Stella thinks she is a Diva and will not take off this skirt, she wears it everywhere we go, and boy she gets everyones attention, which she loves.  
This are coast guard boats doing some fun manuevers, which the kids could see from the lighthouse.

Grandma, Sarah and Gracie.  Grandma finally got a lap dog, Kris can't believe she did it because all his life they only had big dogs, usually labs.  Gracie is a Pomerian (sp?) and a very cute, cute dog, the kids all loved her, maybe a little too much

Piano Recital

Kali and Sarah had their piano recital this past Monday.  We had it at the church and were able to have it in the chapel because it was a Family Home Evening.  They both did an outstanding job.  They were both super nervous, but all in all did a wonderful job.  Grandma and Grandpa Davis were able to come, and Alyssa Ellis, one of our young woman in our ward came to listen to them.  Stella of course was a ham during their performance, and enjoyed dancing and climbing under the pews.  

Kali introducing herself at her piano recital