Monday, July 7, 2008

More...............beach, Washington and 4th of July pictures

Stella and Callie waiting for the fireworks
Watching the fireworks
Me, trying to keep warm by the fire
Our firework show!

Kris taking a rest from hauling everything down from the parking lot!
Kali and Ashley hauling wood for the bon fire
Robin and Logan enjoying cooler weather
Two lovebirds!
Gracie and Sarah 
Getting in line for the slip and slide
The mischievous threesome, Stella, Kennedy and Ellie

The park in Tara's backyard, awesome, huh!

Kali, Jeremy, Kole and I were playing a mean game of 4 square
Sarah and Grandpa Bevell
Jeremy, Kali and Kole
The kids trying to make something in the sand

A beached mermaid named Kali

Sand Dune and Campfire pictures

Climbing the hugh sand dune
Sarah, Baylee, Kali, Kennedy, Kobe, Kole, and Brody at the top of the sand dune
A failed attempt at using cardboard to get down the sand dune
Roasting marshmallows around the Davis family campfire
Kobe, Rachel, and Kade enjoying the campfire in our backyard

More and More Summer pictures

Kali, Melissa, Sarah and Ben
Sarah and Stella with Melissa's hamster
Hot summer babes trying to keep cool
Kole and Cameron keeping cool

More Summer Pictures.....

Water park fun with cousins
Sarah and Cameron
Lacy and Stella
Lacy, Rachel, Shelby and I
Di and Blake

Summer Pictures

While we were in Vegas we visited our house and some neighborhood friends.
Deanna, Savannah and kids
Sarah, Kali, and Kole in the girls old room
Our pool in Vegas
Stella playing piggie with Logan
Becca, Ashley, Alexis, Stella and I