Tuesday, August 12, 2008

First stop, Tugman State Park

Our 1st stop was Tugman State Park.  This was a fun place to camp, the kids rode their bikes a lot, and even made some new friends, Kylee, and Brianne.  For dinner one night we had tin foil chicken, potatoes, and carrots.  That dinner, hands down, was the best I have ever had!  Kris and I weren't sure how well it would turn out, but in the end we had nothing to worry about.  While at Tugman we went to the lake close by and swam, had a wiffle ball game, rode our bikes, and always ended the night with games.  Fun, fun memories.

Our tin foil dinner spread
New friends, Kylee and Brianne
Dinner over the coals
Blurry picture of Kole cruising on his bike.


Rachel McEwen said...

Hey Son, looks like you guys had some fun! We love camping, but camping in Vegas just isn't the same. Are you ready for school to start. You will only have Stella at home....that has got to be exciting:)

Rachel McEwen said...

P.S. Amy Matthewson now has a blog. Get her address off of mine.