Monday, August 18, 2008

Family Reunion Fun

Kris' mom and dad hosted the Davis family reunion, it consisted of Kris' grandpa's brothers, and sisters, and their families.  We had a lot of fun meeting new family members.  Kris' cousin Stefanie had 3 girls the same ages of our 3 girls, so they had a lot of fun.  The kids had a lot of fun on the water slide that grandma bought, we swam at the KOA, and had lots of good food.

Kris' cousin Stefanie
Sarah, Kali, and Blair
Blair and Kali
Billie, Sarah, Miranda, and Karissa
Stella, and Bailyn
Kole and Blake


HawgWildinWashington said...

Hey, your reunion looks like fun. It is nice that you found new friends in Kris's cousins kids. Anyhow, my kids didn't really get lots of presents, it just looks that way. I buy little things and put them in bags, also some of ellie's gifts were from grandma (actually most of them were from her!) The girls got their hair cuts in LG. Ellie loves hers, it's like Stellas she keeps telling me. And Grace got the A-frame cut too. And Crystal colored it. Jackson finally did get his guitar, it was expensive, but he paid for half of it by saving for a long time. And Jeremy is just Jeremy, he only wanted stuff for his PSP which was easy. Well, come visit us soon. We love you.

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