Thursday, August 21, 2008

Deschutes County Fair

Boy we had a lot of fun at the Deschutes County Fair.  The fairgrounds is hugh and well kept.  The kids enjoyed the rides, the elephant ears, the fresh squeezed lemonade, seeing all of the animals, competing in the firefighter obstacle course, and the hula hoop contest.  Kali won the hula hoop contest 2 years ago, but this was the year for Sarah, she came in 3rd out of about 50 give or take, and won $5.00.  Kole, Kali, and Blake did a good job as well.


Rachel McEwen said...

I love the fair too, even the really expensive food:) Good job sarah for having hips that can MOVE!

Alli Waldron said...

I just saw Paris and Lisa and told them congratulations. They were both so happy to hear from you! Paris wanted me to get Kris's phone number because he would love to talk. If you post his number on my blog I will get it to him ;)

HawgWildinWashington said...

We love the fair too. Except we have to ride the horses there, not at our grandparents house, lucky you! We love you.