Sunday, January 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Stella!!!!!!

I just wanted to share with everyone some of my favorites of Stella (okay a lot!)  She has been so much fun and such a great little girl.  She is always making us laugh and smile.  She love to make messes, the bigger the better, she loves to play with her older brother and sisters, and wants to be included in everything.  Her favorite food is candy, or anything sweet.  She is very kind hearted and always gives hugs to those who are sad or hurt.  We are greatful she is part of our family.  We love you Stella


HawgWildinWashington said...

Happy Birthday(late) Stella from the Washington Spencer's. We think the pictures are adorable. I love the one of her with her hand on Kris's leg at the pond. We hope to see you all soon. Love ya.

Rachel McEwen said...

she is so cute. We miss her and all of you for that matter. I really do wish that Kennedy and Stella could grow up together:(

The Small Bevell Bunch said...

Happy Birthday to Stella (late), she is getting so big and she is so cute!! Riley and I send our love to her and your whole family!