Thursday, January 10, 2008

Christmas 2007

Yeah, I finally was able to set down and figure this whole blog world out, well enough to start posted pictures, and such.  I am so excited, because I thoroughly enjoy looking at everyone elses, so I hope you enjoy ours.  For Christmas we were able to go over to Kris' parents house.  They just moved into a beautiful new home.  While we were there we were spoiled, we went ice skating, sledding, and even Santa visited us on Dec. 26 (we were waiting for family).  Sarah said that Santa was able to come and visit because he wasn't busy anymore.  Anyway enjoy.


Rachel McEwen said...

Yeah, you finally got it. Good job!! Now I can have one more person to look at regularly. Call me later and I will tell you how to add friends and family links.

Brett & Heather said...


My girls will love checking out your blog. They often know new blog posts on people we peep before I do.