Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Wow! A New School Year!

I can't believe the summer has come and gone!  We had so much fun, lots of good, good memories.  Kali is in 4th gr., Sarah is in 3rd gr., and Kole is in Kindergarten.  I take pictures with all the information for the new school year that otherwise I would forget.  
Sarah's favorite memory she had of this summer, was going to the fair/grandma's house, and seeing Aunt's, uncles, and cousins in Vegas, and having family visit here.
Kali's favorite memory this summer is going camping, and seeing family.
Kole's favorite memory is eating the elephant ears at the fair, and playing with his boy cousin's
Stella loved everything this summer, and I jinxed myself by posting that she is potty trained, well she is potty trained, but she isn't #2 trained.  She did it for awhile, but one day she had an accident and since then she will not do that business on the toilet.  Very frustrating.  Anyway, she is at home with me all day long, and loves to go down to the bus stop to get the kids off the bus.  She sure does miss them.


Dodger said...

That is frustrating about Stella, she will get it soon. Congratulations on a new school year with only one kid at home part of the day. Ellie sure missed everyone too. Thank goodness she has grandma around to keep her busy with going to the pet store, Target etc. She was excited cause she got new pajamas. Love you.

HawgWildinWashington said...

That was me Tara, as Jackson never logged out of his account and I didn't know it.

Rachel McEwen said...

AAAHHH!! i am sure that your mornings are so hectic but then you get them out the door and it is nice and quiet...besides Stella. It is always nice to be down 3 kids sometimes. Enjoy!

CJMsquared+2 said...

How fun... we are excited for those days to come, even though it will be a while!! GooD Luck with the potty training. We are just starting and it is a nightmare.

Amy said...

Taking pictures with their information posted in front of them is a great idea! Your kids are SO BIG!!! I remember when you pregnant with Stella!

The Cotell Family said...

Your kids are so cute Sonya!
And don't worry, stella will catch on sooner or later.
Have a great day! Love Andrea

Jamie and Sherrie said...

Sonya I love your idea with all the info how smart. I also love that you posted your kids favorite summer memory. I'm going to have steal your idea. I think I like the word copy better. Your kids are so adorable. I can't believe how big they are. I saw your sister at Time out for Women this weekend in Vegas. She came up to me and said Hi. I remembered her when she told me she was your sister. I told her I miss you tons. She also told me how much fun she had this summer with you. I'm so glad you are doing well. It is beautiful where you live. I would love to come and visit sometime. Have a good weekend.