Monday, September 8, 2008

Bringin Home the Salmon

I am so glad my husband brings home the bacon and on Saturday he brought home his first Salmon:)  I prefer him bringing home the salmon to the bacon, but the electricity,  t.v., phone, computer would eventually be turned off....we had a royal feast on Saturday night, the kids really loved when he cut the head off and took the guts out.  Man this fish was tasteee, he only had to work 6 hours to get this bad boy.  And by the looks of this picture the fish didn't smell to good.  I love this man.  


Robin said...

Way to go Kris! What a he-man.

Rachel McEwen said...

YUM!! I love salmon! I wish we had somewhere close to fish fresh seawater fish! Know that i am jealous:)

Heather. said...

How funny that we both posted about our husbands catching fish! We're such proud wives.

So glad I found your blog, it looks great! You have a beautiful family. See you Friday.