Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I have been super busy, I can't remember doing what, so I have finally set down to update our blog.  It seems every time I tried in the last couple of weeks, I would get interupted and I never could finish.  We had a fun Valentines day.  Stella and Kole were lucky because they got to eat their valentine candy for breakfast.  Kris and I celebrated V-day on Wednesday, because Kris left for Portland on Thursday for state wrestling.  It was nice because the kids were babysat by Kali's activity day group.  They watched them at the church, and their activity day leader had fun activities for them.  Kali was able to work on her babysitting skills, she already is a great sitter and I can't wait for 2 more years when she can do it legally.  On Saturday we went to Stella's birthday party ( a girl in Kole's preschool class)  it was held at the indoor swimming pool.  The kids had a lot of fun, they swam for 3 hours, we all went home and took naps.  It was a great weekend.  On Friday night a couple of my friends and their families came over and we all caught up on American Idol, it is a Friday night tradition, we make lots of popcorn, and enjoy the show.


Britt said...

Small world! I will try to catch Jessica at a game at say hi from you guys. Our next home game isn't for a while- Nate's sad about that!

Rachel McEwen said...

who are your favorites...American Idols. My favorite boy is the Danny kid (and don't ask me why, for some reason I just really like him) and my favorite girl is Asia.