Friday, November 14, 2008

I am finally posting Halloween pictures.  The kids had fun dressing up.  Kali was Elizabeth from Pirates, Sarah a witch, Kole an army guy, and Stella lady bug.  Sarah and Kole had different costumes but at the last moment decided to be something else.  Things are going well here.  Kris started wrestling, Kali and Sarah are playing volleyball and their first game is on Saturday.  Kole  is wrestling.  Last week he went to a tournament and did great, but not good enough for him.  He is not a peewee anymore, but a bantom, so he wrestles kids a little older.  I am starting to feel a little better, everyday is still different, but definitely better than I was a month ago.


HawgWildinWashington said...

Nice costumes. I think Ellie changed her mind a million times also. Glad you are feeling better. Tell the girls and Kole good luck with their sports :) Love you

Brittany said...

Looks like you guys had a fun Halloween! I'm so glad you are feeling better!

Rachel McEwen said...

i am glad that you are starting to feel better. stella looks so cute, but nice blankie in the picture:) Kali and sarah look so big. Kobe misses Kole so much. He talks about him almost every day!

The Small Bevell Bunch said...

They all look so big! I'm glad we get to see them in their costumes! You guys take care!

Andrea Cotell said...

Those are some cute pictures Sonya!
I have to tell you something cute that Stella said to me on Sunday!
I was in nursery with nanna and christian playing with the kids. Stella came up to me, and we started talking. I siad "So Stella, are you excited to be having a new baby in your family?"
Stella said "Ya!"
I said "Do you want a baby Brother?"
Stella said "No, I have Cole."

LOL She made me laugh because she sounded SO cute!
I am excited for you guys that you will have a new baby in your family soon!
Love you guys!
Have a great day everyone!