Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Surprise Birthday Party

Kali and Sarah planned a surprise birthday party for me.  Very cute of them, I figured it out after a while, but they called all of my friends, planned the food, games, decorations and the time.  They just got me out of the house and went to work.   I was very proud of them, maybe someday they will have a future in wedding planning, or birthday planning.  
A surprised me
Kole and me
All of the kids at my party
A couple of my friends, waiting for me to arrive
My friend Leslie, also waiting


Becca said...

What cute, thoughtful kids you have!! I love when they do things like that. The joys of being a mom!

Rachel McEwen said...

I am so impressed with Kali and Sarah!! It looks like it was a success:)

Olivia said...

That birthday party is so sweet Sonya! Your kids are so cute. We are still in Portland and Carli is still here also. We will be moving sometime in March when Noah gets done with who knows where. We're glad you found our blog! It was fun to check yours out and get an update. So what brought you to Coos Bay? Is Chris teaching/coaching there? It's such a pretty area. We went through there a few weeks ago, too bad we didn't know you were down there! If you're ever up in Portland let us know. Is everyone else still down in Vegas?

Jamie and Sherrie said...

How cute!! Kids are the best!!! Miss you !!! Happy Birthday!!!!