Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Stella where are you?

I was busy blowing drying my hair, and when I was done, I couldn't find Stella.  So I wandered around the house calling her name, no answer.  So I back tracked, checking each room more thoroughly.  Low and behold I found her in Sarah and Kali's closet with a bottle of fingernail polish.  As you can tell she put it on her lips, like lipstick, and all over her arms, like lotion, but no fingernail polish on her toes or fingers.  I realized what a bad mom I have been to Stella, she didn't know where fingernail polish went because I never have put any on her!  So later that day I put some on her toes and fingers.  She was so proud of her fingers and toes that all day she would show them to me and say "Pretty mom, pretty."


Rachel McEwen said...

Oh my goodness, that is seriously flashbacks to Kennedy. she looks really cute though, at least she knows that "makeup" goes on her face and lips.

Jamie and Sherrie said...

I love moments like this. Even though they make a mess. Soon all the messes will be gone. I love Stella's Masterpiece. I can't believe how grown up your kids are getting. Wished we could freeze time. Miss you!!!

The Cotell Family said...

She's so cute!!! If you think that's bad then check out my blog to see what nanna did! LOL
You guys have a great day!